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She was on her back on his desk with her legs spread…..

He knew she was close to cumming as he could feel the tension in those thighs as she arched forward pushing her swollen wet slit onto his tongue.Suddenly her whimpers and moans turned to a scream as her orgasm ripped thru her and he felt the warm gush of her ejaculation hit his mouth.God knows what his secretary was thinking outside his office but he was past caring.
She suddenly sat up her full breasts topped with those amazing nipples spilling out of her bra and blouse,she pulled him between her legs by his tie and proceeded to lick her cum juice off his face.
“Drop your trousers now naughty boy she growled into his ear…its my turn to please you and I want your big cock in my mouth and remember what I said no cumming until I give you permission”.
This captain of industry was putty in her hands as he unzipped his fly and lent back against his desk,he closed his eyes as her gentle mouth started its slow exploration of his cock…god she was the best cocksucker in Sydney Australia,he knew she was no ordinary girl but a wicked witch who cast spells with her mouth.
She worked his cock until he could no longer think straight and through his haze of lust he heard her ask,”would my naughty boy like to fuck me now?”
“Yes please” he croaked as she stood up and bent over her desk presenting him with a condom and her wet swollen pussy.
With her skirt round her waist and that shapely arse up in the air he wasted no time plunging his teased and tortured cock until he was buried deep inside her.God her pussy was a wet molten glove clenching and sucking tightly onto his cock.
He grabbed her hips and pulled her into him as his orgasm exploded,he stood still behind her locked tightly into her pussy as she milked the last of his cum from his cock with the amazing muscle action of her pussy. he wasn’t sure if he could move anyway…
He had died and gone to heaven…Well G Heaven that is.

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