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Giselle was bored sitting at the Bar….

The young barman was called Dusty and he was from Texas,he looked like a cowboy with his cute bottom outlined in his tight faded Levis,cowboy boots and his T Shirt kept riding up over his boyish hips and delicious Abs….shades of Brad Pitt in Thelma and Louise.
Giselle wasn’t the only one intrigued by the sexy boy with his southern drawl and he had a way of saying Mam which made a gal wet her nickers.
As she shifted in her seat to accommodate her increasingly wet pussy she noticed the cougar next to her doing the same.
She winked at her with a knowing smile asked if she would like another drink.
Soon they were engaged in conversation which was mostly about fucking young men.
It was time to up the game…she leaned forward and whispered in the hot brunettes ear ….”Do you like getting your pussy licked while a a large hard cock is fucking you from behind?”
“Mmmm yes of course” she whispered back “have you got a game plan?”
“Darling the G always has a Game plan…leave it up to me.
She beckoned the young lad over and whispered in his ear…”Hey cowboy if you have a large hard cock there are 2 ladies here who are happy to fuck you…if you say yes, organize a break and meet us in the disabled restroom in 5 mins.
He nodded and needed no second invitation.
Both ladies were in stockings stilettos and tight skirts…and soon they were in the restroom with Dusty sandwiched between them.
With limited time Giselle pulled her partner in crimes nickers down and started to lick and finger her sweet wet pussy while Dusty pulled his hot hard cock from his jeans.They both took time to suck him until he was trembling with the exertion of not cumming.
Giselle whispered to the hot brunette…” bend over pull your skirt up around your waist,you are going to be fucked and I want you to cum in my mouth while I lick you.” She eagerly obliged turning her hot mature arse up in the air at the right angle for deep penetration.Giselle knelt in front of her and worked her clit as pussy cum juice dribbled down her chin and between her cleavage.Dusty was working hard pumping his hard cock deep inside her.
The brunette strained forward into Gs eager mouth as she exploded into a mind blowing orgasm as Dusty blew his load.
Not a word was spoken as all 3 adjusted clothes and wiped all signs of their naughty encounter from each other.
The brunette leaned forward and gave G a passionate kiss pushing her business card into her bra.
“Thank you I hope to meet you again naughty girl?”
Mmmmmm that can be arranged……….

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