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You’re my FUCK TOY and your job is to please me….

She was at the door to greet him naked except for thigh high stockings and towering black patent stilettos.He knelt down and asked if he could lick her pussy,she obliged by opening her legs and straddled his face so his tongue could reach those delicious sweet wet folds.She lent back against the wall and enjoyed the waves of pleasure that engulfed her.
She pulled his hair to indicate he could stand up so she could lick her sweet pussy juice from his lips.
“You have been a good boy” she purred as she reached into his pants and felt his hard cock dripping a load of pre cum,”you may shower now and meet me in the bedroom as I need to examine your cock and balls and just to remind you my darling FUCK TOY…you cum when I say and not before,is that clearly understood?”. He nodded and prayed he would not let his beautiful mistress down.
In the bedroom she made him stand in front of the mirror legs apart and hands behind his back,so she could examine her toy,gently cupping his full swollen balls and rock hard cock,she got him to bend over the bed with his arse in the air legs apart and she came in from behind and with lubed hands started to milk his cock with firm strokes.He knew it was a test and his legs trembled with the pain of not cumming in her hand.She turned him around deep french kissed him and as a reward she knelt and gently worked her magic mouth over his cock licking and sucking him.
Soon it was his turn to make her cum as she lay back on the bed and placed those long beautiful legs on his shoulders,he knew if he was a very good boy with his tongue she just might let him cum.
Eagerly he set to work pleased he could service her honey pot as he knew her pleasure was all his…..

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