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Giselle went to a Thoroughbred horse stud in country NSW to fuck a Hot farmer…

He said he wanted sex in the stable and she was very aroused at the idea of large stallions watching her getting fucked against the box stalls.
She wore tight fitting jeans tucked into naughty boots with a sexy white T shirt and see thru bra.Nickerless she was ready for him to take her on arrival.
She flew in and took a rental out to the farm,he had given the stable hands the day off so all was quiet except for the dogs and horses.
He stood at the stable door and she could see his bulging erection in his close fitting jeans,she walked toward him and not a word was spoken ,he pulled her into the cool dark interior and locked her in a passionate embrace,his large questing hands pulling her T shirt over her head and immediately taking her erect nipples in his mouth and sucking them thru her bra,all the while his hand was down her jeans fingering her soaking wet pussy,she came instantly rocking up and down on his fingers.
The proximity to the stallions was driving her crazy with desire,the smell of sex was in the air and the large animals were getting excited.
His turn now she got a condom ready but not before she had released his swollen cock from his jeans and kneeling in the hay she proceeded to suck him close to blowing his load.She expertly covered his cock and turned and held onto the stall as he entered her from behind,her jeans around her knees,her pussy contracting with desire onto his cock.
He blew his load and leaned against her sweat slicked back trembling.He knew he had 3 hours with her and hoped he had the strength to last the afternoon…..

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