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CEO needs to see Giselle in his office….

And its not to take dictation….She arrived in her very sexy grey suit,exquisite red lace lingerie,sheer seamed stay ups and killer black patent stilettos.She strode through his outer office and his secretary scrambled to greet her.”I’m here for my 10am appointment with Mr Jones and we do not wish to be disturbed”. The door shut behind her and he just sat at his leather bound desk and admired the sexual power which exuded from her,it was what he needed at the moment a strong sexy mature women to take control of his cock,he was under pressure and he wanted the release that only Giselle could bring to him.She walked over swung his chair around and straddled his lap letting her skirt ride up over her tight toned thighs,he felt his cock rise as she loosened his tie and explored his mouth with her tongue.
“I want your cock in my mouth and then in my pussy and you are not to cum until I give you permission…is that clearly understood?”
He groaned at the thought as he wanted to blow his load now but he still had to endure the erotic pressure of her very experienced mouth and then he knew when his rock hard cock slid into her tight pussy he would not be able to hold back.Damn she was a hot domineering bitch,but that’s just what he wanted.He flipped her off his lap and hoisted her onto his desk her skirt was already around her waist and pulling her panties off her hot arse was not a problem.She yelped as his tongue dove into her pussy and he eagerly started to lap her sexy wet pussy..maybe if she cum he would be allowed to cum as well….

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