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She was very Butch but appealing in a sexy boy kinda way…

I was sunbathing topless at my favorite beach Narrabeen on the Northern beaches when I noticed a young boy struggling to bring his Kayak ashore I slipped my bikini top back on and wandered down to help…on closer inspection I discovered a very cute girl with pretty wee breasts in a tight lycra surf top and tiny tight shorts encasing a pert bottom.
“Can you give me a hand with my Kayak as I have hurt my shoulder” she said “Sure and I could give your shoulder a rub if that would help?”
She gave me a knowing look and ran her eyes over my trim body.”That would be great I just live over the road come to my place and I will give you a cold drink in return for a massage.”
I was horny …it seemed sun and suntan oil had that effect on me! and I was happy to see where this encounter with the cute butch girl led me to.
The best way to massage a sore shoulder is under a warm shower with lots of oil I suggested and she led me into her bathroom by the hand,we both stripped off and she gave me a gentle kiss which sent a rush of wetness to my pussy.
I started with her neck easing the kinks and proceeded down to her shoulders stroking firmly and occasionally my hands would slip under her arms and encircle her tiny titty’s she gave little gasps of appreciation which made me bolder as I started to work my way down her back to her beautiful tight bottom.”Lean forward against the wall your bottom needs lots of work.” I said as my fingers well oiled dipped between the cheeks of her pert bottom she started to tremble as my fingers found her clit I stroked and teased her and as she started to orgasm I thrust 4 fingers in her tight little pussy.
Suddenly she turned around and started to deep french kiss me her mouth trailing down to my breasts where she took my erect nipples biting and sucking them until I wanted to scream.
She took my hand and led me from the bathroom laying a towel on the bed she ordered me to kneel on the bed my bottom in the air.Taking a large strap on from her panty draw she said ” You need a good fucking and I am going to give it to you.”as she slapped me hard on my bottom.” Firstly I need to check if you are wet enough”as she pushed her fingers into my soaking wet pussy…suddenly I felt her take me with the strap on slapping me between strokes.I pushed back against her as my orgasm hit me hard.
I lay down face first on the bed exhausted as she stroked my back gently.
I turned over and she kissed me deeply and said “I want you to visit me every week as you are very naughty and need punishing with my strap on and if you are very good i will let you lick my sweet young pussy”
I was no longer the dominant one as she pushed my head down between her legs…

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