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Sex at the beach…and how not to get caught……

The sun was warm on her shoulders and his fingers slick with suntan oil were stroking her back and making dips down between that delicious cleft of her bottom.The problem was she was feeling very horny but what can you do on a crowded beach?
He moved down to her legs and concentrated on her inner thighs with his fingers straying under her bikini bottom.Her pussy was swollen and aching with desire and his job was to find somewhere private to fuck her.
“He lay on her back and she felt his raging erection against her bottom.He whispered in her ear”Lets go for a swim I’m going to fuck you in the water”It sounded like a good idea and she smiled as she saw him struggling with his hard cock in his boardie’s.
The water was cold and she gasped as it hit her hot pussy,they moved out of the crowd and soon were floating away in their own little world ,he pulled her in his big strong arms and started kissing deep french kissing her.They were hot and the water was cold.”I think if we both take off out bottoms and I hold on to them you will be able to fuck me?”she said.
He released his rock hard cock and she wrapped her legs around his waist as he slipped into her molten hot pussy.She groaned and felt her orgasm building,it was too intense and she couldn’t hold back.He was the same as he thrust inside her,he knew he had to cum.He sealed her mouth with his, so as not to draw attention to their mutual orgasm.
They stayed locked together his cock refusing to go down.What could be better than naughty public sex at the beach?

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